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Trust Your Competence and Passion

Trust your competence and passion. I said this recently to a client but the weight of the statement landed at the end of the session when I asked them about the value of our time and she said it back to me. This stayed with me because it was a reminder that I had everything I needed to do what I set out to do.

Often in therapy and coaching sessions I will encounter a client who feels they might be lacking in some way. Their goal in our work is to uncover some "extraordinary" thing that will lead them to healing, some great accomplishment or achievement in whatever they are pursuing.

Our time together often leads to the discovery that they have the skills, knowledge and resources to do what they need.

This April I decided to do something new and slightly scary for myself. I organised and hosted an immersive coaching experience called The Strategic Pause. It really wasn’t out of nowhere that I thought about doing this. Some time towards the end of last year I worked with my coach to outline everything I wanted to do in the year of 2024.

One of the things I wanted to start doing as Fine Mind Psychology was to create opportunities for people to come together and learn while simultaneously benefiting from the social hangout after. Still, it was such a huge feat for me both personally and professionally.

What made me want to do it?

In the grand scheme of all millennial things, I wanted to show myself that I could create something and see it through from start to finish. This is nothing foreign to me. I am plagued by “what ifs” when I do not see something through.

What did I learn? 

  • There is excitement when you are starting something but discipline is what keeps you going. The discipline to stay committed through the paperwork and planning is what leads to the successful completion of a task.

  • The fear of failing makes you not start. I heard this from Stephanie Chung ( I was afraid that the coaching intensive might not work out, people wouldn’t come and I'd just end up with egg on my face. So why start when all these are potential outcomes haha? Ultimately, it could have gone both ways but I needed to make a move for the ball to roll whichever way it would.

  • Trust your competence and passion. I said this to my client way after the event but it must have been coursing through my veins all through. I kept going back to my notes, training and videos from my instruction to make sure I was thoroughly prepared.

Then came the passion, my own innate desire to create this experience and see it through against all odds.

Turning the lens on you

  • Do you ever find yourself hesitating to take action on passion projects?

  • What’s the recurring message that stops you?

  • How do you get through this block (if at all)?


The 16th Affordable Art Show is happening on Friday 10th to 12th May at the Nairobi National Museum. I’ve always gone as an observer but this year I decided to apply as an exhibitor and I got an invitation yay! 

So if you are looking for something to do outside, check them out here

By Catherine Karega-Injugu, MA Clinical Psychology

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