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About Us

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Welcome to Fine Mind, your cozy haven in Nairobi for adolescent and young adult mental well-being. With our hearts wide open and evidence-based tools in hand, we're here to guide you through life's mental health challenges—be it depression, anxiety, trauma, or coping with loss and grief.

Why focus on adolescents and young adults?

These years are full of pivotal changes. We've been there, and we understand. Offering a listening ear and a guiding hand can light the path to resilience, healing past hurts and paving the way for healthier futures.


Fine Mind isn't just about individual care. We're also passionate about empowering the supportive adults in your life. Through our engaging workshops and training, we equip educators, parents, and mental health professionals with the knowledge and tools to be pillars of support.


At Fine Mind, we're more than a practice; we're a community of support, understanding, and hope. Let's navigate the journey to mental well-being together.

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